July 2017

Event Recap

On Friday, July 28, 2017 we held our very first Creator’s Retreat in Atlanta, GA. Our featured speaker for the event was Jen Malone, most known as the music supervisor for Atlanta, Baskets, Are You The One?, The Resident and the Lionsgate for Youtube Red series Step Up: High Water.

During the retreat, Jen expressed an immediate need for music for Step Up: High Water and several times, after listening to music from the attendees she said “I’ll take that”, “I’ll take both of those,” “That’s great, it’s exactly what I need.”  We attribute that to the fact, that at Creator’s Retreat, everyone brings a portable setup.  Creators were able to listen to her needs, create tracks in the moment and browse through their music to play the best ones based off the conversations.

No part of this opportunity was rushed.  The music creators were able to impress, Jen was able to find some music she could use and we are proud at how it all came together!  The event was amazing!!!!  Can’t wait for the next one!