Award Winning Music Supervisor From Viceland In Atlanta Nov. 11.

Matthew Hearon-Smith, Senior Music Supervisor at the VICELAND network will be participating in Creator’s Retreat. Matthew is a two-time Guild of Music Supervisors Award nominee and winner of a Chlotrudis Award for ‘Best Use of Music in a Film’ for Tangerine (Magnolia Films). Matthew will be at Creator’s Retreat to brief all participants on what he needs for upcoming projects like the series Shade for the Fusion Network, Hollywood Love Story and the third season of the documentary series Weediquette for VICELAND. We aim to empower the person behind the music by changing the formula of music networking events. This is a rare opportunity to engage with creatives and launch your career. Bring your “A” game, get registered today and take advantage of this Creator’s Retreat event. Our speakers come here to be a direct industry resource, network, give feedback, and potentially give out deals.